Mic Michaeli

Mic MichaeliMic is the oldest of the guys born in Stockholm 11.11.1962. His first record were by The Beatles called "Oldies but goldies". His first instrument was a piano and actually a guitar, which he practiced during the "Prisoners In Paradise Tour" when playing 2:nd rhytm guitar along with Joey and Kee on lead guitar of course.

Mic has like Ian and John Levén been apart of many projects after Europeīs temporary? break. He played on Brazen Abbotīs three albums, he played with Glenn Hughes and also did a tour in Japan and he has even played with a Swede called Tore Skogman on the album "Än är det drag". In 1993 he produced a record for Paulo Mendonįa among others. Besides this he was a part of the coverband White Purple, and on and off with a bluesband called Hound dogs. The last recording so far is Nikolo Kotzevīs Nostradamus wich he comments like this:
"Nostradamus is Nikīs masterpiece...if you like his other albums Nostradamus is all that, times seven!! A complete story taken from real life, sung by a whole bunch, with some of the worlds best rock singers, a big fucking choir, one of Europes best symphony orchestras conducted by Nik him self, and a band I am too modest to speak well about".

Equipment that Mic has used trough the years.
All kinds! Whatīs followed him through the years though, is a Hammond B3 with a Leslie 760

This is what Mic has to say about the other guys and some of the records.
Joey Tempest is one of my better friends even though we donīt meet as often as Iīd like. It has never been so much fun as now, to write songs with him. When he was young he was quite tough by the first impression, but a little bit insecure within... now heīs a completely different person, much cooler with both feet on the ground. A guy who always searched for the answers to the questions of life... now he has found a few.
Ian Haugland isnīt all well...One time when i was temporarely playing with a bluesband Ian was in the audience.  The happy and a little bit drunk Haugland climbed up on stage during a song, and tried persevely hug and kiss me. The bold maniac had a happy smile on his lips all the time. I had to kick him off stage to be able to carry through the gig. But he looked happy anyway. I donīt know anybody else who attacks the drums with such frenzie like Ian!!
Kee Marcello There is no-one else in the band that i laugh as much together with as Kee. He has a mental twisted humor which is very rare these days. A workaholic and a brilliant musician.
John Norum His guitar is a part of his soul. However i donīt have much contact with him.
John Levén is a cool guy, and a very cool bassplayer. Donīt talk that much, but when he speaks itīs usually something good, compared to the others. But, lately I think he have started to talk more...
The Final Countdown are damn good.
Out Of This World are damn good too.
Prisoners In Paradise Donīt know what to say.. Yeah, itīs damn good too, but it was a pretty hard time for the band, and that reflects the whole impression. I havenīt been listening to the albums in years, so i should do that and give them a honest chance before I declare myself. And i also think that  Wings Of Tomorrow are an awesome album too.