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New tourdates added.
The new album "Bag of Bones" will be released 18.02.2012 in Japan and 24.04.2012 in Europe. 11 tracks incl. one instrumental, tracklist see below.
Nordic customers can pre-order a signed copy on CD at Bengans.
Nordic customers can pre-order a signed copy on LP at Bengans.

Riches to Rags
Not Supposed to Sing the Blues
Bag of Bones
My Woman My Friend
Demon Head
Drink and a Smile
Mercy You Mercy Me
Bring It All Home

New tourdates added.

New tourdates added.

The Europe & Takida Tent Tour 2011 tickets will go on sale tomorrow at The venue capacity is approx. 4,000 people.

A tent tour will take Europe to 8 places around Sweden this summer, along with Takida as support act.

The "Balls 'N' Banners" U.K tour 2011 is added, which will cover 9 cities from Glasgow down to Bournemouth.

New tourdate added.

New tourdates added.

The Europe Story is now up to date.

New tourdate added.

A new Swedish and a Portuguese tourdate added.

John Norum's new album "Play Yard Blues" is scheduled for a European release on May 17, and in Japan on April 21.

Volvo S60 interior
Quotes and info regarding Europe's collaboration in the marketing of the all-new Volvo S60. Check out the infotainment display ;-)
"A great combination. A powerful car deserves powerful music. We are honoured to work with this Swedish institution, " says singer Joey Tempest.
"The first time I heard the title track, I knew straight away that this was it. The music had exactly the pulse we wanted. The fact that Europe is a Swedish group was of course yet another advantage," recalls Helene Cato.
"Our music has been used before for similar projects but this collaboration is unique due to the fact that brand-new music has been used," says Joey Tempest.
The lead role in the films is played by an all-new Volvo S60 in the edgy new colour ‘Vibrant Copper'. The car shows off its sculpted, sporty lines, its alert performance and all its safety technology in clean, sun-drenched surroundings. Europe's mighty hard-rock music with its dramatic tones gives the images a convincing feel of power and decisiveness.
"The collaboration was professional and quick and the result terrific. ‘Last Look at Eden' fits perfectly," says Joey Tempest.
"We hope this collaboration can spread our music to an even wider audience," says Joey Tempest.
Pictures from
Volvo S60 exterior left Volvo S60 exterior front left Volvo S60 exterior front left city Volvo S60 exterior rear left Volvo S60 exterior front left headlight

Old tourdates for 1990 added and corrected.

Two new picture galleries from the Last Look At Eden Tour in U.K.

Europe featured in a clip showing the all-new Volvo S60. See it at Volvo Cars News. That car is actually built at my department as one of many prototypes. Couldn't tell you about it before the video became official, sorry. By the way, it's a great piece of machinery.

More Swedish tourdates added.

Europe will be Special Guest to KISS at Stockholm Stadion on June 12.

Another Swedish festival gig added.

New Swedish tourdates added.

John Norum's upcoming solo album "Play Yard Blues" is scheduled for a late February release. (Subject to change) The CD has 10 tracks where-of eight are in the vein of "old guy blues" on which he sings himself and the other two are more traditional hard rock oriented and Leif Sundin handle the vocals. There is also one song left in the studio completely done except for vocals, as they couldn't come up with lyrics for it. All this according to John himself.

Three new picture galleries from Gothenburg, Stockholm and Amsterdam are now added. Almost Unplugged can be viewed online at SVTPlay.

Tourdates updated.

Tourdates updated.

Europe - Almost Unplugged will be aired on Swedish Television SVT1 on Sunday 17th at 22:15, and a re-run will be shown on Saturday 23rd at 23:00.
The Swedish Grammy Awards will be broadcasted via web-tv. Sorry guys, I haven't found a link, It should be available here though,

Tourdates updated, new venue in Milan, Italy. The gig at Paradiso, Amsterdam is "SOLD OUT".

Hitlistan positions last week, New Love In Town #36 and Last Look At Eden #44.

Happy New Year to all Europe fans out there.

Peter Iwers of In Flames list his top 5 bands in the world. #4 EUROPE - "They released fantastic albums already in the 80's-90's and it's cool that they could do a comeback and still be as good."

24.12.2009 wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Once again New Love In Town change direction on Hitlistan, this week up to #27 and Last Look At Eden hold it's position at #46.

Hitlistan chart positions, New Love In Town #36 and Last Look At Eden #46.

At the Swedish radio station MixMegapol "New Love In Town" is one of the 25 most played songs.

New Love In Town changed course on hitlistan and turned back up the chart to #23, but the album lost a few places to #42. Sadly they said goodbye to the chart on Tracks.
Check out this 30sec. clip of "The Final Countdown" from the game LEGO?Rock Band?at GameSpot. Now available on most consoles. A nice X-mas present to introduce Europe to your young ones.

Even though New Love In Town got less points with 165p. on Svensktoppen this week, it took one step up to #9.

New Love In Town chart info: Tracks #17, Hitlistan #34, and Last Look At Eden #39 on Hitlistan.

New Love In Town chart info: Tracks #17, Hitlistan #28, Svensktoppen #10 with 189 points and Last Look At Eden #31 on Hitlistan.

"New Love In Town" #27 on the download chart and #6 at Svensktoppen with 239 points.

This week "New Love In Town" took a sky-dive down to #34 on Hitlistan and one step back #7 on Tracks. Last Look At Eden are descending to #16 on the album chart.

Today "New Love In Town" took another step closer to the top on the chart Svensktoppen, this week at #5 with 256 points.

"New Love In Town" up to #15 on Hitlistan and the album down two places to #13. On Tracks "New Love In Town" is up to #6.

The Europe story have been updated with corrections of grammar and spelling :-)

Added one more button in the menu, "The guys" where you will find some personal info about them.

On the chart "Svensktoppen" Europe took this weeks biggest step with "New Love In Town", up from #9 to #6 with 238 points. See the complete list

The new layout is released. Everything does not work yet and something may be wrong. Do drop me a mail if you find an error or have a tip for improvements. info(at)lebaronboys(dot)com
"New Love In Town" still climbing on Tracks, this week up to #7. Also today you can hear Europe live on SR P4, a concert recorded at this years Sweden Rock Festival. It starts right after the news at 7pm CET, 8pm local time.
To listen online click this link. For swedish listeners just tune in your local SR P4.

On the chart Hitlistan "New Love In Town" takes a few steps back to #21, but good news is that the album jumps to #11. As of October 23, 2009 "Last Look At Eden" is certified with gold by IFPI

"New Love In Town" entered the swedish chart "Svensktoppen" (Swedish Radio P4) today at #9 just ahead of BAO and Helen Sjöholm. BAO (Benny Anderssons Orkester), yes it's none other than Benny from ABBA and their song has been on that chart for an astounding 277 weeks. Europe got 209 points, 20 more than BAO.

"New Love In Town" stays at #17 on Hitlistan, but climbes on Tracks to #12. "Last Look At Eden" falls back on the album chart to #18, but the greatest news is that "LLAE" have now sold gold in Sweden. Congratulations guys.

New tourdates for Japan added.

Important info, check tourdates for details.

"New Love In Town" sadly fell back to #15 on Tracks this week, but is still climbing on the chart Hitlistan, now #17.

Important info! The second gig in Hamburg on Nov.10 is cancelled. See info at

"New Love In Town" is now up from last weeks #16 as newcomer to #13 on the swedish radio chart "Trackslistan". NLIT also takes a great leap from #49 to #26 on Hitlistan.

New tourdates for Sweden added.

Live clip from swedish TV4play. They performed "Last Look At Eden", did an interview followed by "New Love In Town" which Joey wrote about his son.

The swedish online movie store Discshop has "Almost unplugged" currently as the 6th most pre-booked music DVD.

Europe will be represented by "The Final Countdown"  in the upcoming game LEGO? Rock Band? Available holiday 2009. Read more