John Norum

John NorumJohn Norum was born Vardö, Norway 23.02.1964 but moved with his family to Upplands-Väsby in an early age.He has a genuine interest for guitar playing and tweeking and he might even be called a nerd when it comes to guitars. He really enjoys to fiddle with his axes. His early debut as a 14-year old came when he recorded "Punkjävlar" with the swedish legend Eddie Meduza (1948-2002 R.I.P).

 John´s solocareeer jumpstarted in 1987, with the album "Total Control"  after the unexpected defection from Europe at the end of 1986. He sang most of the songs himself, but took help from Göran Edman on three of them.

After the debut John moved to USA, where he became a member of Dokken. The band also had another Swede, Mikkey Dee, that nowadays play the drums in Motörhead. With Dokken he recorded the album "Up From The Ashes" which resulted in a more than 150 gigs long tour. In the beginning of the 90´s John left the band to continue his solocareer. At that time a liverecording was released, called "Live In Stockholm". It contains 4 tracks, the Japanese edition has 5 tracks.

In 1992 his second album saw the light of day, five years after the debut. "Face The Truth" had a duet "We Will Be Strong" with John and Joey. Joey co-wrote that song and one more, "Counting On Your Love". Glenn Hughes can also be heard on this album.

Three years later, 1995 the third album was released, and had the title "Another Destination". On this album Kelly Keeling did the most of the singing. Already the year after the fourth album was released. It´s called "Worlds Away". Note that the cover doesn´t have John with his guitar as on all other albums he recorded. Also this time John shared the vocals with Kelly Keeling. The record collection increased with another live recording. This was made in Japan 1997, and was named "Face It Live 97".

Finally John became homesick and moved back to Sweden to record the fifth studioalbum. In November 1999 "Slipped Into Tomorrow" was released in Japan, but everyone else had to wait until the beginning of April 2000. John sings all the tracks by himself except for the bonus track "Center Of Balance" which is a live recording made by Leif Sundin in Japan some years ago. John´s tribute to his favourite band Thin Lizzy hasn´t been forgotten on this album either.  This time the song is  "Killer Without A Cause".

After the Europe recording of "Start From The Dark" in 2004 John finished his 6th studio album "Optimus "which was released 2005 by Mascot Records. The vocal credits are all John himself, this time without a Lizzy cover.

Total Control
Live In Stockholm
Face The Truth
Another Destination
Worlds Away
Face It Live ´97
Slipped Into Tomorrow