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Joey TempestJoey was born in Stockholm 19.08.1963 and as a young kid he played ice-hockey and was quite successful in driving go-cart. English was a favourite in school and of course music which took over. He had made an early decision to become a rock star and practiced his autograph during class. A record by Elvis Presley was given to him by his older sister and started to play the piano after hearing Elton John.

When Europe decided to take a break, Joey began his solo career. First to be released was the album "A Place To Call Home" that landed on the counters in 1995 with the titletrack as first single, which became one of Swedens most played songs during the summer. On "Right To Respect" John Norum plays the guitar. In 1997 the second album was released, and got the name "Azalea Place" from the area in U.S where the album was recorded. Also the first single "The Match" became a very popular song on the radio that summer. The year after he participated on an album together with the German operasinger Anna Maria Kaufmann. Joey sings on five songs. The single "Running With A Dream" is the official German contribution to the 1998 World Cup in soccer. Same year a record called "Philharmania" is recorded. It is  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mike Batt that performs well known rock hits. Joey makes his interpretation of Bruce Springsteenīs song "Born To Run". We write October 2002 in our calendar and Joey has just released his third solo album shortly named "Joey Tempest". The first single "Forgiven" takes a giant step into #2 place on MTVīs UpNorth chart.

This is what Joey has to say about the other guys and the records.
Mic is the calm guy.
Ian is the jolly and funny guy.
John Levén is the cool guy.
Kee playes mostly cords.
John Norum sweats with every tone he takes on life and death.

Europe was recorded in weekends, we drank a lot of beers.
Wings Of Tomorrow was also recorded mostly in weekends when noone else was there, since we couldnīt afford anything else. Even then we drank a lot of beers.
The Final Countdown I felt that it had become serious. We recorded in several studios. I felt that i had more control over my songwriting, and that i had become wider in my way of writing. Not so naive lyrics as on the older albums. Fun to work with an american producer. An experience.
Out Of This World was recorded in London, and there was a lot of long and expensive cabrides to the recordcompany. Again an american producer. We played table-tennis and billiards between recording sessions. A world tour with no spare time.
Prisoners In Paradise was supposed to be rougher with a heavier sound, but when i met our producer it became more american.

Exclusive interview with Joey Tempest, made 24.10.2002. 
ESC: Have you felt any pressure to succeed with this album?
JT: No, no major pressure. But it’s fun to release a record again, it was a while ago.

ESC: You are singing with a higher voice than earlier, is it something you’ve missed or have been avoiding?
JT: Yes, it has been a little tougher, like as with

ESC: When you wrote songs for this album, did you listen to the old Europe-albums to find your way back to a heavier sound?
JT: Yes, a little bit more than before, and I’ve also jammed and improvised a lot with Adam and Mic. Therefore it has been a little tougher. I wanted to do something completely different on the earlier solo albums, but now i felt to go back a little again. The first album might have come as a chock for a lot of fans. Next album might be even heavier.

ESC: Do you yearn to go out on the roads again?
JT: Yes, definitely. I feel that i want to entertain again like in the old days, and i can do that with this album.
Earlier solo albums have been more laid back. So now i want out again.

ESC: Which stage size do you prefer?
JT: Big or very small. I like the co-operation with the audience.

ESC: Is Mic a permanent member of the band?
JT: Yes.

ESC: How was it to write with him again?
JT: Itīs really great to write with Mic, we are extremely good friends, and we have always been writing together, but itīs not until now it has been in print since

ESC: Which song is most likely to be the next single?
JT: I want to have ”Loved by me” as the next one.

ESC: Do you have any gigs planned?
JT: Nothing planned. Right now i concentrate on promotion.

ESC: Are you surprised that there is still so much interest for Europe?
JT: Yes, a little, but mostly flattered. It warms me up when old Europe-fans sends e-mail and say that they like the new album. When we started Europe they almost never played rock on the radio, but when we, Bon Jovi and Whitesnake came they begun to play it more. It feels like a revival for that kind of hard rock and it’s accepted again. That is fun.

ESC: Do you have any anecdote from that period of time?
JT: The tours in
Italy and USA were a lot of fun. When we played in Bangkok they had to stop the gig because a stand did fall apart. Top of the pops was also very fun. The Millennium.

ESC: If you see a movie, what genre would you choose?
JT: ”The sixth sense” and a little mysterious movies like that.

ESC: Would you consider to release an album with demo songs from Europe?
JT: Maybe, it could be interesting. Itīs not impossible, perhaps with earlier demos, before “Prisoners..”  since a lot of fans already have them.

ESC: Was there any plans for a live album?
JT: Yes there was, because we have a lot of materiel to choose from. We have recordings from i.e
Italy, Sweden and Belgium among others. Maybe in the future. Who knows…

ESC: Would you like to do a live album today as a solo artist?
JT: Maybe, it depends on how the album develops, and if it’s a long tour.
Then I would like to do it.

ESC: We like what you do today, but the dream for us all fans are that you will become a group again.
JT: Yeah, we have felt that too, that it will happen someday. But right now iīm concentrating on my solo album.

A Place To Call Home
Azalea Place
Running With A Dream


Joey Tempest