Ian Haugland

Ian HauglandSome stats: He was born in the Norwegian city of Nordreisa 13.08.1964. In school his favourite subject was music and the first record he got was a swedish artist named Mats Ohlin. The first instrument in the hands of little Ian was an acoustic guitar except for the old pots and pans. He can't however play guitar, but handles the keyboard.

When Europe decided to take a break in 1992, Ian gathered his old band Trilogy again. The history about this band started already   in 1979/80, but they called themselves Toxic at that time. The band was dissolved in 1984 when Ian joined Europe as a full time member. Their inspiration was taken from Rush among others, which you can hear on the many instrumental passages. In 1994 they released their debut album called "Lust Provider". The last song on the album is written by Anders Tengner, from the music magazine OKEJ. The musicians are Marc Gransten on bass and vocals, Chris Hoofgard on guitar and Ian on drums ofcourse. The album was recorded on land i Nitrax Studios, and was produced by Nikolo Kotzev, who later on formed Brazen Abbot. A 5-track demo was early recorded with Ian on vocals. Before the album was recorded they travelled around as a coverband, and it was on the way home from one of these gigs they had this horrible car crash, which could have cost them their life and career. Ian broke one wrist, and it was uncertain if he ever could play the drums again, but everything went fine in the end. After that Ian has been part of a lot of records, ie. Brazen Abbot, Brains Beat Beauty, Clockwise, Baltimore, Tore Skogman, and even Glenn Hughes which he also did tour with, to name a few.

This is what Ian has to say about the other guys and some of the records.
Joey Tempest are damn serious, always gives a 100%, irrespective of what he does.
Kee Marcello are probably one of the most technical driven guitarrists that i know of.
John Levn are  one of the few bassplayers that i know, which i feel that i can communicate with, to 100% that ive played with.
John Norum is all Rock n Roll !! Technique and feeling in one. The guitar isnt an instrument for him, its a bodypart.
Mic Michaeli are probably one of the most musical keyboard players that i know of.

The Final Countdown will always be very special for me, it was the first "real" album recording I did. Very good songs that characterizes Joey. Which he wrote in his boyroom in Upplands-Vsby.
Out Of This World is the most thorough album in my opinion, with the strongest songs, but unfortunately the production is too slick.
Prisoners In Paradise is the album with the most joy, and harder songs. However, the production is too much L.A for Europes sound, the keyboard is almost cut away from the final mix.

Drumset that Ian uses or used.
Yamaha 9000 Recording custom, and a chrome "Bonham"
26" Kickdrum
18" Floortom
16" Floortom
14" Racktom
14" Snaredrum in brass

The other one is in white pearl:
24" Double kickdrum
16" Racktom
15" Racktom
14" Racktom
13" Racktom
12" Racktom
10" Racktom
14" Snaredrum in wood
Paiste signature crashes between 16" and 20". Ride cymbals between 20" och 22", hi-hats 14". 7B Hickory sticks, with cut-off top, which are played with the back end.

Trilogy - Lust Provider

Lust Provider
Dear Father
Leafs In The Storm
Mortal Gods
Judgementday Blues
The Loner
Open Up And Swallow
Cruise Control